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Around $120 - Available on Amazon.com


​​Humidifier,Remote controlled,Digital front and Quiet operation


​Consumes a lot of energy


​High-quality heater that's filled with myriad of great features

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Using a space heater is a simple, yet effective way to add warmth in any area and quickly raise the room temperature. Available in a variety of sizes and shapes, space heaters boast special features such as digital controls and automatic oscillation for better convenience during operation.

When it comes to getting a space heater, a few questions tend to arise - like how will the heater adequately heat up my room? How much will it cost to operate it fully? If you're looking for a heater whose performance matches its value, the Dr. Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater is your best bet.

But before we can go in depth in our review, there are a few things you need to know before you get your first space heater. 

Heater Type

The first factor you need to consider when getting a space heater is what type you'll need. While there are a lot of heater styles, there are three heating technologies that each space heater falls under convection, fan-forced, and radiant.

Convection heaters provide even heating throughout the room. Fan forced heaters have an internal fan that blows through a heating element. Radiant heaters provide spot heating in smaller spaces. Selecting the right type of heater for your home is the best way to ensure effective performance.

Dr Heater Remote Review

You can also get a wall heater. Wall heaters are commonly used in bathrooms, hotels, and rooms that have limited space. Since they are hard-wired into new construction, they are power and tend to run quietly during operation.

Energy Efficiency

If you’re concerned about saving energy and want to have low heating costs, we suggest that you compare energy efficiency before buying a space heater. While portable heaters lack efficiency like EER ratings that are found in portable AC systems, you can use a simple formula to calculate heater operating costs.

To prevent your electric bills from rising, you need to choose the right space heater for your environment. Additionally, features such as adjustable thermostats, low wattage, programmable timers, and energy saving models can help reduce power usage and contribute to an economic operation.

Heating Capacity

When you're shopping around for a personal space heater, the most important things to look for is the size that the space will cover. This is determined by the device's wattage rating. On average, space heaters use 10 watts to cover a square foot of space.

So your typical 1,500-watt heater can cover a room of 150 sq feet when its used as a supplementary source of heat. Depending on your indoor environment, application, and the heating environment, some portable heaters will cover more space.

Dr. Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater Features

  • ​Electric Thermostat Range - 50-86 degrees
  • ​IR Remote Control
  • ​Dual Heating Systems
  • Automatic Energy Saving Model
  • Lifetime filter and castor wheels


The Dr. Infrared heater is what you need if you're looking for an infrared space heater that's capable of heating up a larger room. With its high and low settings, this heater gives users the ability to turn up the heat when needed and turn it down to help save energy.

One of the best features of this heater is that it has an inbuilt humidifier. When you have the device on at your home, especially when in the winter months, you can find that the air becomes uncomfortable and dry. The humidifier makes a gentle mist to ensure that there is some moisture in the air.

Dr Heater Review

Many users like the overheat protection that's in the heater, but since it's on wheels, it can be easier to knock over. You can take off the wheels if you want, and this will stabilize the unit, so they are less likely to be tipped over.

As the heater is quiet when it's in operation, you'll be able to fall asleep or read in peace while the unit is running in the same room.

In order for the heat to spread evenly, you can use the oscillating fan feature. Not only does this help spread the heat out, but it also disperses the heat quickly so you can become warm in a short amount of time. You can use the oscillating fan feature with or without the device being turned on so you can use it as a cooling fan in the warmer months.


  • ​Easy to transport because of the 4 castors.
  • ​Humidifier provides further moisture to air in the winter.
  • ​Remote controlled for better operation.
  • Digital front display lets you see what setting your heater is on.
  • Quiet operation which ensures that you’re not disturbed by unpleasant sounds


  • ​Uses a lot of energy when it's on all of the time
  • ​Requires a high-quality extension lead to prevent the fuse from getting blow​n

​​What Customers Say

Amazon customers have given fairly positive reviews about the Dr. Infrared Heater. Here's what they had to say.

Customers say that the heater's housing is attractive, has intuitive controls, and the supplied remote is a nice touch. Heaters don't take up a lot of room, and the housing/casing remains cool to the touch when the consumer places a cold beverage on top of the device.

The only flaw is that it's not suited for long term use or for very cold temperatures. We suggest that you use it as an addition to your main heating system to get the most out of this space heater.

Buying Advice

For the price around $115, you're getting a valuable heater at a lower rate than the competition. It provides quick and comfortable heat and is designed not to cause a fire hazard in your house. So think about getting this heater if you're serious about keeping your room warm and have direct control over its heat settings.


The Dr. Infrared Heater is a high-quality heater that's filled with myriad of great features. If your room is 1,000 sq. feet or less, you can add it to your home to add additional heat. Many benefits such as quiet operation and portability ensure that this space heater will be perfect to be used throughout your house.

Remember to use the correct safety procedures when using this heater. But, as long as you’re using it, this will become a safe heater that you and your family will love.

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