IVAPO 500W Personal Space Heater Review

IVAPO 500W Personal Space Heater Review
IVAPO 500W Personal Space Heater Main Review


​Around $120 - Available on Amazon.com


​Humidifier,Remote controlled,Digital front and Quiet operation


​Consumes a lot of energy


​High-quality heater that's filled with myriad of great features

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When it gets cold, you need a way to stay warm, regardless of whether you find yourself at home or outside. Just like you have a jacket for venturing out into the cold, you’ll also need something that will warm up the air in your house and make it feel a little bit less like an icebox during the cold months.

Of course, the cold is a serious matter, and you’ll want to be sure that whatever you have heating your home is reliable enough to last. This is why we’ve decided to review one of the best space heaters on the market and give people a better idea of how it performs before they pick it up.

In this article, we’re going to review the IVAPO 500W personal space heater, and we’ll cover all of the relevant details, ranging from reliability to heat distribution. There are many different kinds of space heaters, and picking the right type for your needs is almost as important as getting a quality product.

The model that we’re going to be reviewing in this guide is a more compact model that is designed to be more portable than a full-sized space heater. However, before we get to the review itself, we’re going to take a moment to go over two aspects that are key to ensuring that you get the best space heater possible.


One of the things that you'll need to account for when choosing the right space heater is how much noise the unit makes. This is an aspect that is usually overlooked until after customers have made their purchase. A noisy heater can drive you crazy, and this is often one of the main flaws of cheaper models.

IVAPO 500W Personal Space Heater Added Safety

The noisiest space heaters will usually be the models with poor-quality fans installed to help circulate the hot air around the room. Keep in mind that some space heaters can get louder as time goes by, and we would recommend cleaning them routinely if you want to prevent dust buildup that causes noise.

Remote Control

Another thing that you’ll want to consider when buying your new space heater is whether or not it comes included with a remote control. A remote that comes included with a space heater helps make it much more convenient, as you’ll no longer have to get up and move to the unit to adjust the heating.

As long as you keep the remote near you, you’ll be able to adjust the temperature to your liking from anywhere in the room, even while you’re lying down and watching TV. This is great for when you want a quick burst of heat but then want to turn down the heater to save energy.

The only downside is that space heaters with a remote control are usually a little more expensive than comparable models without one.


  • ​Compact design improves portability and placement options
  • ​Features 500W of heating power
  • ​PTC heating element improves efficiency
  • Flame retardant housing stays cool
  • Features 60 degrees of oscillation
  • Produces less than 45 dB of noise
  • Safety features include a tip-over switch, overheat detection, and a thermal fuse


The heater from IVAPO is a relatively compact model that can be placed anywhere. Whether you're in the kitchen or at your desk, this powerful little unit will be able to keep you warm. While it's a bit more expensive than similarly-sized space heaters, its build quality and features put it a level above them.


The first thing that impressed us about this little space heater was its heating performance. Unlike other small models, this product can output quite a bit of heat. The 500 watts of heating power is put to good use, as they are coupled with a PTC element that helps improve the rate of heat transfer.

The wide grille helps improve airflow, as more air traveling through the heater means superior heat distribution. This results in a surprisingly wide heating range for such a small unit. You can keep small to medium-sized rooms warm with this space heater, though you’ll have to keep the door closed and wait a little while in a medium room.

IVAPO 500W Personal Space Heater Keep Warm

Of course, one of the best parts of this heater is how small it is, and its performance relative to that small size. Competing models in the same size range can rarely compete with the performance of this model, making it one of the best portable space heaters on the market.

This model is also as safe as possible, as it comes equipped with features like a tip-over switch, and even a one-time thermal fuse that can prevent a fire. The IVAPO space heater also comes with a flame retardant housing that won't get hot, though be sure not to touch the grille, as that will still heat up.

What Others Say

We’ve also gone through customer reviews of this product to give you a better idea of how it performs.

A lot of buyers were impressed by this heater’s reliability, mentioning that previous compact models usually failed within a few months of purchase. Others said that they loved the sleek design of the space heater, and they stated that it fits in no matter where you place it in the house.

There were a few minor complaints, but most buyers were impressed with this space heater. One of the main issues is that it only has a single output setting. Some buyers would have preferred that the model offered more than 60 degrees of oscillation.

Buying Advice

For a compact space heater, this model is a little more expensive than usual, but that’s justified by its excellent build quality and its impressive array of features. You can expect to pay somewhere in the region of 80 dollars for a brand new IVAPO space heater.


This is one of the best compact heaters on the market, so don’t let the slightly steep price tag scare you off. We hope that this review has helped you select your space heater, and feel free to let us know what you think down in the comments.

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